Our team at Circuits & Software worked alongside of Texas Regional Bank’s technology team to solve the age old problem of efficiency in loan, lease and account management for it’s customers.

With very little information available through any digital platforms, customers have been unable to manage their contracts and account updates for themselves. This made for a clunky customer experience, and hindered trust.

Ultimately the core of the bank’s success would rest on dedicated relationship managers who offer more than just loans. They facilitate deposits, wealth management, trusts, and other financial services to serve their clients effectively. The aim is to bring software development efforts in-house to have a tailored solution that can enhance efficiency and offer a seamless experience for their customers.

Circuits & Software have offered comprehensive planning and expertise. We support Texas Regional Bank with network upgrades, cloud migration, single sign-on solutions, and data integration. Our team is responsible for more of the complex aspects of development and integration, while collaborating with the banks secondary development team on simpler tasks and maintaining uniform standards.

Overall the anticipated impact of our work together is to produce a reduced friction in both the customers and the employees experience while managing account data, and lease or loan contract details. Generating higher engagement with customers for the bank, and fewer tedious repeatable tasks for employees.

Our friends at Texas Regional Bank have emphasized the collaborative nature of our joint development for the banks future vision, software plan and infrastructure changes. And we’ve throughly enjoyed supporting them!

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