Printed Circuit Board Design and Firmware Development

Our team has over two decades of printed circuit board design and firmware experience to make your dreams come true.

Why Choose Circuits and Software for your Printed Circuit Board Design?

Our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designers have a wealth of industry experience to create your product in a timely manner without sacrificing on quality. Our designers have backgrounds working directly for semiconductor manufacturers where they supported some of the world’s largest companies on their journeys to innovation. Our team has designed printed circuit boards which are safely being used in everything from gas plants and mine sites across the world to solar powered battery chargers.

We are firm believers in testing and validation before reaching high quantities. We will work to understand your application so that we can add the appropriate connections into your board for detailed testing. We leverage simulations during the circuit design and printed circuit board design phase, and then we implement automated testing via National Instruments LabVIEW software after receiving your completed boards. Thorough PCB validation has been proven time and time again to save businesses tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of preventing issues from making it to production.

We have built relationships with manufacturing partners which will earn you lower costs and faster builds. Our manufacturers are capable of building products for submerged and non-ideal environments through conformal coating or potting.

Our team also has decades of experience in writing embedded firmware which allows for our printed circuit board designers to create a design with your firmware in mind. Simple firmware translates to reliable firmware, lowers costs, and shorter times to production.

How We Can Help

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

Our printed circuit board designers can take your specifications and create a custom PCB to perform the task at hand. Maybe you just have a vision and no specifications because you aren’t an engineer. That’s okay- share your vision with us, and we’ll take it from there.

Embedded Firmware

We understand the importance of quality and reliability. We excel in writing clean, efficient, and reliable embedded C/C++ on both bare-metal and Linux devices. We can work on any device you bring to us. We are a leading expert in the Texas Instruments C2000 microcontroller (MCU) product line.

Testing and Validation

Hardware and firmware validation and testing are a vital part of your product’s success. We will collaborate with you on a test plan based on your product requirements and environment to save you costly recalls or repairs in volume production.

Our Team’s Industry Experience

Solar Power

LED Lighting

Battery Charging & Power

Traffic Control

Power Supplies

Industrial Automation

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