About us

Small business. big results.

We deliver a personal experience catered to your business.


01. Strategic

Communication and vision are key. Before we do a thing, we want to understand why you’re at our door and how we can help. We’ll collaborate with you to develop a vision and path for the results you need.

02. Professional

We only hire the top talented, experienced personnel to ensure that your results are delivered properly and on schedule.

03. Loyal

Almost all of our clients come with a short term need and turn into long term relationships. We love the work that we do, and we’re here to support you and your business as you grow.

 Our Story

The Beginning

Circuits and Software was born when Realcoders Consulting was pitching a major software opportunity, and the potential client liked what they heard so much that they hired the Realcoder’s President to come in-house and manage the project. Realcoders closed its doors, and Circuits and Software was formed- bringing all of the talent and experience from Realcoders with us. That opportunity turned into Circuits and Software’s first client.

The best testimonial? Our clients made the transition with us.

custom hardware and software solutions

 Our approach


The secret to our success is our staff. We only hire the top talent. We have never posted an ad for employment. Our employees have always been found through referrals and proven performance. This has provided us with individuals with unique and complimentary skillsets that you don’t often find under one roof. From embedded firmware, to PCB design, to AWS, to databases, to React programming, to user interfaces, and so many more areas, we offer a well-rounded skillset to compliment all areas of your project.


What We Do Best


PCB Design


cloud technology

desktop applications

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